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How To Dress For A Date Nicely

There are many ways to dress to impress on the first date and neither one of them involves skimpy outfits. If you are going to have a date with your dream girl, then you should keep these tips on how to dress for a date from fashion pros in mind to make a fantastic first impression.

Men Should Avoid Wearing Khakis

This is one of the less-known tips on how to dress for a date. To many guys, khakis might seem like the perfect first-date standby because it seems to be more dressy than jeans yet much more casual than pants. However, style experts recommend men not to avoid khakis. In fact, khakis scream “casual workplace”. Actually, they do not seem sexy. On the other hand, jeans are sexy and greatly acceptable nowadays in nearly any dating circumstance. You just need to make sure that you stick to the basic dark pair of jeans.

Men Should Not Wear A Striped Dress Shirt

If you want to impressive a woman, standing out from the crowd might be one of the keys. However, nothing can kill your opportunities like wearing a striped dress shirt. Do you see any stripes when looking around at a restaurant or bar? That is why you will do better with a shirt with a subtler pattern. A nice polo shirt may be more casual alternative, and also works well under a great sports jacket.

Men Can Wear A Leather Jacket

There is no other item that can convey masculinity, success, elegance, and sex appeal quite like a black leather jacket. Therefore, if you really want to impress a woman on a first date, you should not overlook a leather jacket.

A Little Color Will Go A Long Way

If you are not heading out to meet a Goth chick, dressing all in black is a little bit morose. You should not wear beige because neutral colors are rather boring. Nevertheless, in contrast, too much flash can be a glaring distraction. Therefore, you should not try to stand out with a red sweater, a hot pink T-shirt, or a shirt with a logo. Wearing a jewel tone sweater will make an impressive, not too-staid yet not-too-flashy statement.

Men Should Wear A Nice Watch

A nice watch is the one piece of jewelry which looks great on every guy. No matter your level of success or personal style, it is always attractive, because it shows you pay attention to the details (like accessories) and are punctual and confident about your station in life.

Men Should Wear A Beautiful Boots

When it comes to styling tips on how to dress for a date nicely, your footwear is also as important as your shirt and trousers. Women are shoe-obsessed and will instantly take note of what you have decided to step into a date. Normally, any footwear, even sneakers, could look fine, particularly with jeans. Boots are also appropriate. You should wear nice boots which are like leather jackets for your feet. However, you should make sure your shoes look spankin’ great. In order to do it, you polish them and remove any crud that is collected on both the sides and bottom. A guy who maintains his shoes could be trusted to be detail-oriented in other areas of his own life, from his house to a relationship.

Stiletto Tips For First Time Wearers

There are a lot of fashion accessories that can make a woman look her best. You have scarfs, hats, and sunglasses, among other accessories, but when it comes to a woman’s feet – nothing can bring instant change to the overall style of a woman’s fashion than a pair of gorgeous looking stilettos. The stiletto can indeed change a woman’s posture make her appear a lot sexier and appealing to the opposite sex. But not all females are equipped with good balance and are not able to simply slip on a pair of these sexy shoes. So here are a few simple tips that can help those who will be putting these stilettos on for the first time.

The first thing a woman will want to do after she buys her first pair of stilettos is to practice walking around in them at home. Don’t worry about not having those stilettos looking completely new when you are actually going to wear them outside for the first time. It is actually better to break these in and get used to wearing them than having to wobble all over the place or even worse – fall over during the actual outing. There is nothing worse than for a woman to embarrass herself from not being able to carry these sexy shoes well.

Stilettos are still just shoes, except for the fact that these can make the curves of a woman a lot more pronounced. Now because they are still in fact “shoes” breaking them in at home will also help the wearer to see if the new stilettos will cause any kind or shoe sore. So go ahead and break those stilettos in and find out if they are going to give your feet any problems later, that way you can prepare for other provisions like pads so that the stilettos will not hurt as much when you do wear them outside.

By following this tip, your first time out in those brand new stilettos should be no problem at all. You will feel a lot more comfortable and confident in walking around with them, and be the object of desire of the men you will pass by. You can also find more advanced tips and tricks that can help you get past other stiletto situations from other people. Getting advice from those who are used to wearing these sexy shoes all of the time are a sure source of advanced tips.

A lot of women who wear stilettos also use of plastic cap protectors that they attach to the tips of their heels. The plastic caps are often used to keep the high heels from sinking into the grass and other unpaved surfaces.

Tips For The Winter Season

It is that time of year, you know, when you dig up your wardrobe for warm clothes, when cool mornings are made special with a hot cup of tea. You guessed it right folks, it is winter time! A lot of people associate winter fashion with dull and gloomy colors, this is so not the case. Winter dressing can be painted with earthly tones of brown, red-orange, camel, beige and many more. The hues range from soft, earthly to deep and bold. Here are some colors that you should definitely wear this season.

Blue: Blue, especially with deeper tones like navy, cobalt blue or ink blue are great for the winter. Go for dark shades in bottoms and bright Mandarin collar shirts.

Grey: This is a color that has become synonymous with being boring and dim, that is just so wrong. Grey is a sophisticated color and when paired with high contrast oranges, reds and yellows, makes a statement. It has an understated elegance that brings confidence and sophistication in your dressing.

Brown: Earthly, warm and neutral are some attributes to describe brown. Winter is the perfect season to wear this color.

Camel: A lighter extension of brown, camel with a soft, creamy tone works best for suits, bottoms and accessories.

Yellow: Shades of yellow, be it in softer tones or brighter ones like chrome, mustards and ochres, are perfect to cut the monotony of winter.

Reds: Tones and hues like Claret, orange, coral take prominence in ethnic wear and party formals to brighten up the dull season! For instance, a bright red Gingham check shirt or a maroon banker’s shirt paired with beige pants will get you through any casual event with style.

You can never go wrong with colors like white, ivory and black, they don’t follow any season. They don’t fall into any specific categories and are open for experimentation. White and black shirts with French cuffs are classic and will give you an opportunity to add a spark with cufflinks. So go out there and explore.

Now, wearing the right color is not just enough for sensible fashion and styling. As a man, you have to know what looks the best on you and why! God definitely did not make us all equal, so there’s no ‘one-for-all’ concept of styling! We all are made differently and hence need different styles so we you flaunt your best side.

Men with a lean and slim body structure look best in lighter shades of yellow, camel, and cream. Darker shades are for men with a heavyset body. Along with that you should avoid horizontal stripes, checks and thicker fabrics.

If you have a good height, count yourself lucky. Tall men can get away with pretty much anything. But just make sure you do not match your top and bottom. Even if you are not blessed with height, no worries just avoid horizontal stripes, big checks, and dark bold colors, be careful about prints and you’ll be fine.

Colors and style are only as good as you make them. Just remember, that when you go out for work or to enjoy a cup of evening coffee, be confident and feel stylish and you would bring out the best in you!

Tips for Selecting Men’s Belts

Men find shopping to be annoying, but at the same time they want to dress fashionably just like women do. The good news is that with a little bit of guidance and advice you can do a great job especially if you are on the hunt for classic accessories such as men’s belts. Here are some tips to help you with this particular task. Follow them to ensure that you will have an elegant and attractive look.

Consider your individual style first.

There are men’s belts for every style and for every outfit. They fall into two major categories – formal and casual. The formal ones are made from smooth leather and do not have any embellishments. They come in more universal colors like black and brown. Other shades are also acceptable as long as they are subtle. These are the ideal options for suits which you wear to work or to formal events.

The casual models are ideal for all outfits which you wear in your free time. The sky is the limit when it comes to the design, material, color and decorative motifs. You just need to make sure that the accessory will go well with your pants and shirt. It can be used for complementing them or for adding an original touch to the outfit.

Be unique and make a fashion statement.

You should never limit yourself to formal men’s belts only. You should definitely have two or three for work, but from then on you can focus solely on the fashion side of these great accessories. Consider some ideas which will inspire you and help you to make the best choice.

Get one or more Western belts. These have the masculine appeal typical for every cowboy and look fabulous as well. They will certainly attract the attention when you walk into a room. You should definitely check out the models with tooled leather and embossed buckles. The floral patterns give these manly pieces a more elegant and sophisticated look. Light brown and brown with red undertones are among the trendiest color options.

You should consider experimenting with different leather colors and textures as well. Turquoise, purple, fuchsia, olive and silver are some of the most stylish colors at present. The glossy surfaces are also hip. The fabric models with horizontal stripes in different color combinations like red and navy blue and white and navy blue are among the most hip casual accessories which you can wear.

Do not miss to check the size.

Despite the common misconception, men’s belts come in various sizes. The size corresponds to the distance between the inner end of the buckle and the middle hole. It is typically between 34 and 36 centimeters. There are also brands which use standard sizing from small to extra large. In this case, you may want to try the item on to confirm that you will get the size right.

Last, but not least, you should know that the typically width of men’s belts ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters. If you plan to buy something wider and more masculine, you should confirm that the accessory can go through the loops on your pants.

Wardrobe Essentials

As the seasons change again, we think that it is important that we help you decide what to buy in upcoming sales if you don’t already own them. These are things that should be in your wardrobe, they don’t have to be expensive per say, but they are necessary if you take yourself as a fashionista. From scarves to belts and from dresses to bags whatever is needed should be there along with these essentials.

Here is the list of wardrobe essentials:

1. Dark Denim

Jeans are a must in any wardrobe, especially the dark ones. They work with any color or shirts, tee-shirts, blouses and also with any type of footwear. The best option is to go for skinny fit but you can choose boyfriend jeans or a straight fit as well. Add a belt to it and you are good to go.

2. Perfect White Tee

This is an essential according to every fashion expert in the world a plain white tee is whatever material you like is a choice you cannot go wrong with. You can go for a V-neck or a crew neck and pair it up with jeans, shorts, skirts whatever you like. They are comfortable and the perfect summer look, you can add a jacket on it if it’s a little chilly.

3. Flats

Well you have to walk right and for that what is better than flats. Now, there is a huge range of flats, it’s good to own a pair of ballet flats, a pair of studded flat sandals, a pair of flat boots whatever length you like and a pair of sporty beach slippers so that you are ready for absolutely any look.

4. Silk Blouse

This elevates your look can be paired with formal trousers and skirts or even with jeans. An embellished or metallic belt adds a jazzy touch to the look as well.

5. Black Dress

It does not have to be a little black dress always. It can be a midi or a knee length dress as well; it just has to be black. It can be plain with a cut design or have embellishments on it; that is up to you and your fashion style. Add a metallic belt to the dress of different size and make the dress go up a notch.

6. Leather Handbag

Leather is sophisticated and classy, so have a perfectly made leather handbag. It can be a messenger bag, a clutch, tote basically anything you need or like, it just has to be a leather one. The basic colors of brown as the best option and they can have prints on it as well.

7. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is not just for the bikers and the tough gang. It is the perfect companion to your summer look be it jeans or a dress with boots and stockings. A leather jacket can be plain or have embellishments. Go for the classic shades of black and brown as they are universal and look perfect on anyone and on anything except for maybe cocktail dresses.

8. Striped Shirt

A stripped shirt is the perfect formal look that can be taken casual as well. It does look good with trousers and skirts but can also be paired with jeans and gives a formal yet laid back look. The color combination and type of stripes is completely on you and so is what you want to pair it with

9. Tailored Blazer

If you want to attain the perfect formal, business look, a well tailored blazer is a must. Go for solid colors like black, navy blue, grey, white before you go for bolder colors. It can be worn to work or business dinners and can be paired with trousers, skirts and dresses. You can add a leather handbag to complete the look.

10. Heels

As a woman, heels are a must in the wardrobe. They are classy and fun at the same time. There is a huge range of heels to choose from and if possible own one of each type. If not own the classic like pumps, stilettos and wedges to begin with. Heels go with literally anything you wear from jeans to shorts to skirts and dresses. The colors and patterns available are amazing so just own some.

Fashion Guide

Clothes seem to be more important to men these days. Do not get me wrong, there have always been those who want to follow the fashion of the day and those that want to set it and therefore I guess it really is a natural progression that designer men’s clothes should become an important part of twenty first century life. There are so many top brands to choose from these days and at a price to suit every pocket. Whether you are a high flier in the city or a labourer in a factory there are designer clothes at a price you can afford. Everyone has the ability to make their own fashion statement. Of course, there is no reason why the labourer can not have the designer jeans either. Fashion is infinitely more accessible today and buying online makes things all that much easier.

It does not appear that cost is that prohibitive when it comes to purchasing designer men’s clothes. In years gone by a ‘working man’ would never earn enough money to be able to buy expensive luxury clothes and, quite honestly, the expensive luxury clothes industry was not aimed at the working man, but the more affluent and well to do members of our society. In fact part of the appeal of possessing designer labels for the working man was to show that he was as good as the richer men. It was a way of narrowing the gap if you like. I would imagine that the gap is never really going to be narrowed that much in financial terms, but on a more psychological level the working man will feel that the space has been narrowed.

The overwhelming desire to possess the latest designer men’s clothes does not just rest with the working man, of course. It starts much earlier than that. School kids badger their mums and dads for the latest designer labels. If they do not get the right trainers, for instance, they could be subject to hounding at school. The other side of the coin is that they might just get mugged and have their trainers stolen from their feet! It is a tricky call for parents to make. They are under pressure from their kids to get the top designer label and their kids are under pressure from their peers. Of course, the top brands are not going to be that disappointed about all that pressure as it can only do them good.

Fashion Guide For Big and Tall Men

Men’s suits are an important part of their wardrobes. A man without a suit is like a blind and lame man who is unable to attend any function which is as civilized as wedding parties or corporate gatherings. For big and tall men, such as 6 feet and above, it becomes quite difficult to hunt down suits that would fit them well unless they choose to pick something from the regular men’s clothing section, which will look cheap and ill-fitted on them.

In order to get the perfect suit, you have two main options, either you can have the suit custom made for you or you can visit a store that specializes in suits for heavy and tall built men. Steve Harvey Suits are available in many different sizes, fit and styles so you can always find something for everyone there.

A custom made suit may be expensive, but it is good since you have the chance to select the fabric to be used in the making of your suit and other specifications according to your individual needs. You can either go for pinstripes or deep black color suit to match your requirement. Your measurement is taken from all the different angles so you need not to worry about the fit. Custom made suits can be ordered in many different colors and sizes.

You can find stores that will help to get a perfect custom made suit, from various online and onsite locations. Just be careful to choose the style which is trendy and stylish. In order to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends, you can check the latest styles and designs on the internet or fashion magazines.

If custom made suit is not within your budget, then you can choose something from any store which specializes in clothing for heavy built men. The sales manager can guide you well when it comes to picking your perfect suit. They can help you find the suit that does not only match your taste and choice but also your exact fit and figure. Big and tall men, need not to worry anymore and just enjoy the suits of their exact fit and style.

Great Styles Online

Isn’t it hard to shop in a store? There are interminable lines for the changing rooms, unhelpful staff and the discomfort of trying clothes on in a really tiny space. This is the reason more women are sensibly choosing the online method to shop. With this way of shopping it is easy to choose what you like. You can search by style or color, and select your size from a drop down menu.

When you shop online it is a good idea to do an initial review of all the sites offering garments. Zero in on stores that offer a return policy. There should be written descriptions of the garments as well as photographs of a reasonable size along with measurements. You need to keep your eyes and ears open and ask for help from experienced online shoppers. It’s always a good idea to search regularly; at least every three days or so.

Browse through online catalogs to find great styles. On a reasonably good site you should find clickable links to other categories, including dresses and accessories. Read the product descriptions closely and click on the images to view larger pictures. You may find sites that feature slideshows that allow you to see the garments from other angles.

When you find something you like use the store specific sizing chart. You may find variations in what is considered small, medium large or extra large. Carefully measure the bust, waist and hip areas. Once you establish a relationship with a few stores you should be able to get in touch by phone or email. They generally have an online customer service that offers advice or answers to FAQs.

Look for stores that specialize in well made classic vintage clothing and dresses. With the popularity of Mad Men women have discovered the magic of vintage style. Canny shoppers have found vintage wedding dresses and gowns, cocktail dresses, prom dresses with special vintage style from the 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s. The gorgeous flapper dresses, clothes and hats from the 1920’s & 30’s. are to be found online. The beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn had her very special style and inspired day dresses as well as cocktail evening party dresses. There are even tea length non traditional or informal wedding dresses available.

Online shopping helps you find vintage inspired fashion, from the 1920’s Gatsby inspired flapper era with fringed dresses and flirty beaded dresses, to Twiggy’s mod looks of the 1960’s. You can create quite a stir in 1930’s style evening gowns and Mad Men sexy dresses, swing dresses and the adorable mod go go dancer dresses.

You may love the fashions of the late 1960’s & 70’s, with clothes by designers like like Biba, or Ossie Clark. They typified the rock star look or what is described as the rich hippie style. The decades of the 1960’s and 1970’s had clothing that is now considered Retro or Funky rather than true vintage. And now 80’s cool fashion is very popular. So check out the timeless designs of days gone by, the style and panache of another era, online, in the comfort of your own home.

Buying Fashionable Spectacles Online

Buying a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses online has become extremely fashionable recently. There are huge savings to be made online and online sellers are able to hold a huge variety of frames so people are taking advantage of it. Nevertheless, because you can’t physically try the frames on your face, some people are concerned and are therefore missing out. So if you decide to brave the waters, here are couple of practical tips to take with you.

1. Try the frames online – Many online sellers offer some type of functionality which will allow you to upload your picture and superimpose the frames on your face. The results are 100% realistic and you can even save the results to share with your friends, family, people at work.

2. Matching the frames to your hair, eyes and skin – Knowing what styles suit your face shape will help you narrow down the range. We found that if your natural colouring (hair, skin and eyes) is dark, you’ll easily be able to carry dark, bold glasses and if your natural colouring is light to medium the best match is probably paler colours such as cream with rimless or delicate frames.

3. Order a Sample To Try – If you’re not sure if the frames will fit or suit you, consider ordering a sample first. Normally you’ll get the frames to try at home by post. Now you’ll be able to show your friends, family, people at work and get as many second opinions as you like.

4. Get your prescription ready – If you’re going to order sunglasses, designer glasses or normal glasses with prescription lenses you’ll need to obtain a copy of your prescription before ordering.

5. Read The Returns Policy – If you’re less than delighted with your new spectacles, make sure the seller will send you an alternative pair or give you your money back. If the seller does not state that don’t take any risks and find one that does.

Summer Party Fashion Ideas

With the arrival of summer and warm weather comes the arrival of outdoor party season. Whether it’s a laidback barbeque with friends at the local park or a full on garden party, most people will want to look the part. But outdoors it’s important to strike the right balance between a great looking outfit and a practical outfit. You want to take into consideration all the potential hazards that come with an outdoor setting from weather conditions to unstable surfaces to a lack of proper lighting. So make wise decisions and don’t just dress to impress.

General Tips

There are a few things that both men and women should consider before getting dressed for their outdoor shindig. First of all, be sure you know exactly where the event is being held so you know how to dress accordingly. Find out whether there’s any shelter available if the weather turns for the worst or if you should arrive armed with waterproof clothing or at least an umbrella.

In general, it’s best to avoid light colours. Even though many people think light tones suit the summer months, it’s just not a practical choice. You could get splotches all over your gorgeous outfit from grass stains to beverage spills to food stains. It’s all too easy to lose your footing outdoors…
Last but not least you should be prepared for a drop in the temperature. Summer weather isn’t always predictable and evenings tend to be chilly so bring a cardigan or jumper to wrap up in. If you don’t feel like carrying it with you either leave it in your car or ask the host to leave it indoors somewhere.


Men can usually get away with quite a casual look at outdoor events. To satisfy most dress codes, choose a pair of smart chinos in a sandy tone. Team it with a polo shirt for a smart and sassy look. Choose light leather shoes. For chillier moments thrown on a tailored jacket. And for a more interesting appearance go the 1960’s route and wear a checked jacket or blazer. You’ll get all the right attention.


Embrace the maxi dress trend. It is a superbly practical garment as the length works both in hot weather and chillier times of the day. If you choose a patterned number it’s great to conceal stains. The cut suits most body shapes and highlights all the right bits. To accessorise, wear it with a shawl thrown loosely around your shoulders. Alternatively, wear a sparkled narrow headscarf.

As maxi dresses come in both formal and casual styles, it’s the perfect item to invest in.

For an alternative to a cardigan or wrap if it gets cold, cosy up in a leather jacket. Long gone are the days when leather only came in biker jacket and trouser shape. Nowadays womens leather jackets come in slinky and sexy shapes and sizes to suit any occasion.

Finally, avoid high heels at all costs as they are really impractical in most outdoor settings. Flats look great when teamed with a maxi dress.