Stiletto Tips For First Time Wearers

There are a lot of fashion accessories that can make a woman look her best. You have scarfs, hats, and sunglasses, among other accessories, but when it comes to a woman’s feet – nothing can bring instant change to the overall style of a woman’s fashion than a pair of gorgeous looking stilettos. The stiletto can indeed change a woman’s posture make her appear a lot sexier and appealing to the opposite sex. But not all females are equipped with good balance and are not able to simply slip on a pair of these sexy shoes. So here are a few simple tips that can help those who will be putting these stilettos on for the first time.

The first thing a woman will want to do after she buys her first pair of stilettos is to practice walking around in them at home. Don’t worry about not having those stilettos looking completely new when you are actually going to wear them outside for the first time. It is actually better to break these in and get used to wearing them than having to wobble all over the place or even worse – fall over during the actual outing. There is nothing worse than for a woman to embarrass herself from not being able to carry these sexy shoes well.

Stilettos are still just shoes, except for the fact that these can make the curves of a woman a lot more pronounced. Now because they are still in fact “shoes” breaking them in at home will also help the wearer to see if the new stilettos will cause any kind or shoe sore. So go ahead and break those stilettos in and find out if they are going to give your feet any problems later, that way you can prepare for other provisions like pads so that the stilettos will not hurt as much when you do wear them outside.

By following this tip, your first time out in those brand new stilettos should be no problem at all. You will feel a lot more comfortable and confident in walking around with them, and be the object of desire of the men you will pass by. You can also find more advanced tips and tricks that can help you get past other stiletto situations from other people. Getting advice from those who are used to wearing these sexy shoes all of the time are a sure source of advanced tips.

A lot of women who wear stilettos also use of plastic cap protectors that they attach to the tips of their heels. The plastic caps are often used to keep the high heels from sinking into the grass and other unpaved surfaces.